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9 Day Retreat with St. Benedict

Retreat Details

St. Benedict
Retreat Details
The Benedictine Rule
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Thank you for joining us for a nine day computer retreat with St. Benedict.  You will learn more about our parish's patron saint as well as having a chance to apply His Rule to your daily, busy life.  During the next nine days, you will receive an informative and reflective email each morning.  The email will contain a part of St. Benedict's Rule for you to reflect on.  We hope that reflecting on the Rule of St. Benedict will offer you wisdom for your own life as individuals as well as a St. Benedict Parish community family.  If you feel inclined to respond to the daily reflection, you can click on the Daily Reflection Page and go to that link to respond in the guestbook.  If you do not want to share your response for the day, please feel free to view the other participants responses.  This retreat will conclude with mass at 6pm on Saint Benedict's Feast Day on July 11, 2005 at the parish picnic grounds, followed by a potluck picnic. 

St. Benedict Catholic Church 2020 Chestnut Hill Rd Mohnton, PA 19540