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9 Day Retreat with St. Benedict

The Benedictine Rule

St. Benedict
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The Benedictine Rule
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The Rule of St. Benedict still directs religious life after 15 centuries.  Benedict realized the strongest and truest foundation for the power of words was the Word of God itself.  The Rule is based on the Gospel and is intended as a way to live the Gospel.  His Rule was written to help his followers and lay men living in the community to scrutinize their lives through the prism of scripture.  The two main principles of The Benedictine Rule were labor and obedience.  St. Benedict did not only organize the monks into communities, but based their community-life on manual labor.  In his final chapter, Benedict says his Rule is "a little Rule for beginners."  Even though he says this, he realizes that his way is enough to bring the spiritual seeker to perfection.  Saint Benedict believes that perfection is achieved through discipline, prayer and action.  So, join us as we will begin to reflect on St. Benedict's Rule, a spiritual ecumenical guide that has survived over fifteen hundred years to provide wisdom for so many!

St. Benedict Catholic Church 2020 Chestnut Hill Rd Mohnton, PA 19540