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9 Day Retreat with St. Benedict

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St. Benedict
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Calendar of Events

June 30, 2005   Opening of the 9 Days with Saint Benedict Computer Retreat
       Begins with Mass at 6:30 followed by a talk in the social hall, by Sister Martina a Benedictine nun from Emmaus PA.  The specifics of the retreat will be discussed and light refreshments will be served.
July 1-July 9
Every morning you will receive an informative and reflective email on a part of the Benedictine Rule.   If the Holy Spirit encourages you to respond, go to the Daily Reflections Page and type your response on the message board.
July 10
Rest day-reflect on your experience with the retreat.
July 11-St. Benedict's Feast Day
Conclusion of the retreat with Mass and the Parish Picnic at the Picnic Grounds.  Mass begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by a potluck picnic. 

St. Benedict Catholic Church 2020 Chestnut Hill Rd Mohnton, PA 19540