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9 Day Retreat with St. Benedict

St. Benedict
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St. Benedict's motto, "Prefer nothing to the work of the Lord."

Who is St. Benedict of Nursia?

St. Benedict of Nursia is heralded as the founder of all Western monasticism.  He was born in 480 C.E. in Nursia, Italy.  At a young age, he was sent to Rome to study and was appalled by the general corruption of his society.  Benedict retreated to an underground cave in the hills of Subiaco and lived there as a hermit for three years, while he was going through a personal conversion of mind and heart to God himself. 

In a short time, his reputation as a holy person spread.  Followers came to him pleading that he become their leader because he had a morally appealing philosophy of life.
St. Benedict and his followers formed a religious order of monks dedicated to conversion.  Soon there were more than twelve cloisters that were planted among the valley.  St. Benedict then settled in Monte Cassino, where he transformed the ruined Roman temples of Jupiter and Apollo into the greatest monastery in Christendom.  Two oratories were erected in the place of the ruined temple; one to St. John the Baptist and the other to St. Martin.  His last days were associated with the love and devotion to his twin sister Scholastica, who had also given herself to the religious life and had established a nunnery near Monte Cassino.  St. Benedict died at Monte Cassino in 547.

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